We will prepare everything to the last detail so that the moving does not interfere with the production process. You will tell us what, where and when needs to be moved and you can safely leave the rest to us.


We will take picture and make sketches of all your equipment in order to make sure we can put together everything in their initial state.


We will disassemble everything and pack it very carefully depending on the transport required.


We have all the necessary equipment in order to safely load the disassembled parts to and from the transport unit.


We can provide special transport for your machinery, production lines and warehouse stock  to the chosen location.


Apart from all the safety measures we take, during the service provided, our company has liability insurance for your equipment.


Our specialists will unload, unpack and assemble your equipment in its new place.

Our team

At ProMooov we have a team of highly qualified engineers and workers with long experience in assembleing of industral equipment. For specific machines and production lines, we hire specialists in that area to prepare sketches for the disassemble and assemble.

What else

ProMooov is a company specializing in moving industrial and business equipment. Our specialists will take care of the fast and safe moving of your heavy, expensive or fine machinery, as well as bulky and multicomponent equipment. You can also rely on us for moving warehouse stock, office equipment and archives.